R&D in application software and network


AViSTO places innovation at the heart of its strategy, which naturally lead the company to create an innovation department. This department aims to develop new products, but more generally to build a strong set of skills around emerging technologies and techniques. This way, AViSTO is able to propose to its customers a high value-added offer that goes further than traditional services offers.

Two main R&D directions have been defined:

  • Software applications: high-speed powerline communication, DVB-SH digital TV transmission, 3G backhaul, mobile applications development.
  • Technologies: embedded software, Java/JEE framework, Web 2.0 technologies.


Internal activities:

AViSTO, who was founded as a software publisher, has successfully maintained and developed its internal R&D department. This department has a dedicated engineering team mainly working on NemSiS, the software management framework designed and developed by AViSTO. AViSTO’s internal R&D department has installed technical and research partnerships with major industry players as well as research institutes through European and French projects. For example, with 3ROAM and INRIA, AViSTO participated to the RAISOM project (2009–2012) whose aim was to optimize the configuration of new generation mobile networks (4G/LTE). Lastly, AViSTO is involved into standardization bodies (HomePlug Powerline Alliance, TeleManagement Forum, ETSI, IEEE) to follow the latest regulatory and technology progress.

External activities:

In addition to its internal activities, AViSTO has developed an external R&D department in charge of work packages and dedicated development centers. This customer R&D department, supervised by a technical director, is organized around skill leaders, project managers and technical experts; it is exclusively composed of AVISTO engineers. For more information, you can refer to the « Work Packages » and « Dedicated Development Centers » paragraphs of Intervention Modes page.


Project after project, AViSTO has capitalized much technical and methodological know-how that enables the company to lead ever more ambitious projects. AViSTO is thus becoming a key partner of large international companies for application software and network projects.