NemSiS Overview: build your NMS/EMS solution with us!

About NemSiS

NemSiS is a software framework designed and developed by AViSTO. It is used to develop, quickly, full featured NMS/EMS solutions. NemSiS is especially customizable, scalable and affordable targeting small and medium telecom/network equipment manufacturers. AViSTO’s full range of integration services ensures that the solution is timely, cost-effect, and low-risk with quality management (ISO 9001 V2008) throughout the project. AViSTO and NemSiS allow network equipment manufacturers to develop a NMS/EMS solution in less time and with reduced risk than doing it themselves.
AViSTO’s business model is to license NemSiS, at very reasonable rates, as part of an integration services project provided by AViSTO’s engineering team.

Networks supported

NemSiS supports a wide variety of network technologies, including:

  • IP Networks
  • Optical Networks
  • DVB Networks
  • Powerline Communications Networks

In addition, NemSiS can be applied to non-network technologies such as cloud, system and application monitoring.

Key benefits

NemSiS was developed to be used for custom projects so that it allows you to:

  • Easily customizable for OEMs and system integrators
  • Quicker time-to-market
  • Lower Project Risk
  • Simplified development
  • Easy automatic update of client software

Key features

NemSiS provides the following key features to create a carrier-grade NMS/EMS for your customers:

  • FCAPS support with focus on Inventory and Fault Management
  • Full set of Northbound and Southbound Interfaces
  • Robust, carrier-grade, and Highly scalable to 1000’s of nodes
  • Modern well proven architecture
  • Distributed: clients, server, ODBC database, polling agents
  • Polling Agents for specific devices
  • Server with Generic/Custom models
  • Java J2EE and JDBC database