Career Paths

Career Paths

AViSTO is a fast growing company, positioned at the forefront of object-oriented software technologies. Responsiveness and adaptability are essential to seize the opportunities we get.

According to your experience, your expectations and your geographic mobility, you can contribute to various projects corresponding to best use of your skills. You can also work for other projects to develop new skills, as AViSTO offers its engineers the opportunity to master different technologies.

At AViSTO, there are four typical career paths:

  • Architecture Path: the engineer, after spending several years working on various projects, has the necessary technical know-how to design software architectures.
  • Technical Expertise Path: the engineer, project after project, has mastered a technology and has used it across several industries. As an expert, he is now able to solve complex technical issues.
  • Technical Management Path: the engineer, after several successful projects, wishes to manage a team. He/she defines workloads, follows project evolution and frequently communicate with his/her customer.
  • Business Path: after a technical path, the engineer feels he is attracted by business relationships and likes to set up solutions to address customer needs. Inside AVISTO, he identifies the engineers that will ensure the success of the projects he/she is responsible for, or when needed, he/she will recruit them. He/she takes care of engineers' career development and eventually may become Technical Center Manager.


To remain at the forefront of technology, AViSTO continuously invests in the training of its staff members. At least once a year, during the annual review you will do with your business manager, you will discuss together the skills you want to develop and the conditions to do it.

At AViSTO, there are several types of training, including:

  • Ongoing technical training, enabled by the capitalization of the know-how developed within the company,
  • Training on new tools and methodologies,
  • Training to prepare an evolution in your job position.

Together, we define how to develop your talents !